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Diamonds and social status have always gone hand in hand. Our society has always been biased towards those who possess this stone, and why not? They are worth being proud of! These gorgeous piece of gemstones are every woman’s desire and any man who wish to win over their woman’s heart must have thought of gifting her this precious stone at least once, but did it work out? Probably not.

As gorgeous as this stone is to look at, it is equally hard to acquire. Buying a diamond in today's date is extremely difficult given the super high prices and so little supply. People are more thoroughly aware of their shrinking pockets than ever, and it is a relief that they are looking for an economical alternative now.

When looking for a cost-effective alternative to earth-mined diamonds, the first thing that enters the mind is CVD diamonds!. These synthetic diamonds have taken the diamond industry by a storm for all the right reasons. These man-made diamonds are pocket-friendly, doesn't harm our environment and are available in multiple colors as well, what else does one need!? However, the main problem when it comes to things that have a discounted price is people often take them for low-quality products.

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Supreme Quality CVD diamonds.​

Supreme Quality CVD diamonds.

This is wrong when it comes to CVD diamonds. These diamonds are of supreme quality, and when bought from a reputed CVD diamond manufacturer, these diamonds are almost always indistinguishable from earth-mined diamonds from naked eyes. Just when the dream of possessing a diamond starts seeming untrue, CVD diamonds from no one but the best CVD diamond manufacturers made its grand entry! These pocket-friendly, affordable luxuries are the best example of maintaining a social status but without having to go bankrupt for it.


How do CVD diamond manufacturer’s make these diamonds?

The term CVD diamonds has become very popular in a very short period. Although not many people know that this term is short for Chemical Vapor Deposition diamonds. These were the first synthetically, or laboratory-made diamonds from the CVD diamond suppliers, fabricated in the year 1956, and ever since then, it hasn't looked back.In its initial years, CVD diamonds were fabricated with methane gas. A fixed quantity of this gas was added in a closed chamber.

This chamber is then activated, and an ideal catalyst (reaction accelerator) is added. Under high pressure and high temperature, the carbon atoms start breaking from the methane molecules. These atoms of carbon start vaporizing, and when enough of it is accumulated at the top of the chamber, it starts depositing at the bottom. This buildup of carbon molecules was also compared to snowflakes during a snowfall.

Going by the current market values, CVD diamonds are 3-4% cheaper than natural diamonds. Ever since the CVD technique for making diamonds in the laboratory has come into existence, the demand and supply for these have been unstoppable. Billions of carats of CVD diamonds are being produced each year by the CVD diamond manufacturers, and it has eased a lot of technical procedures.

By opting for CVD diamonds, one doesn't just go with an economical option, but they also do a favor to our earth. The extensive mining procedures are very harmful to this earth's crust, and these procedures should be highly discouraged. CVD diamonds are grown in labs under control temperature and pressure, and thus there is no chance of polluting the earth or the air around us.

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