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It’s a no-brainer that things that gain popularity like a wild-fire also gain myths pretty quickly. When people start talking about something, all kinds of talk gain popularity and this is why we at Pious Eco diamond have taken the responsibility of busting these myths for you.

We are the leading lab-grown diamond manufacturers, and we want our customers to know our products thoroughly before investing their hard-earned money into it. To make a confident purchase, it is crucial to know the product inside outs. Here are some bits of information which will help you make better use of money and save yourself from the fake products circulating all over.

How are lab-grown diamonds made? :

Also called CVD or chemical vapor deposition diamonds are made inside a CVD diamonds manufacturer’s laboratory under expert’s supervision. These diamonds have been produced synthetically since the 1950s, but as the technology has advanced now, it has become possible to obtain the colorless, shining stone with minimal or no defects.

Chemical Vapor Deposition is the preferred method of creating the most excellent quality diamonds which you can never differentiate from naturally occurring diamonds with naked eyes. A reactor is filled with carbon molecules containing methane gas. Tiny bits of a diamond is also added, which act as a starter in this chemical reaction. The reactor is then filled with hydrogen plasma and is shut close. The reactor is then subjected to a heat of around 4000 Kelvin which is roughly about 6000 degrees of Fahrenheit. Under this extreme heat, the carbon atoms from methane set loose from the molecules and start hitting up against the previously added diamond pieces. Over 400-500 hours, the carbon-hydrogen which has been activated keep depositing over the diamond crystal, and after that period, you will find a beautiful, dazzling, rectangular gemstone. This stone is later sent for proper cutting and polishing as the final finishing procedures.

It is inexpensive only due to its pocket-friendly develop methods:

It is a common tendency of people to think a product is of low quality if it's being sold on a less price. However, this is not at all true in case of lab-grown diamonds. The reason for lab-grown diamonds being inexpensive in comparison to naturally occurring diamond is because the way it is made. Natural diamond costs you your entire bank balance because of its expensive extraction procedures.

The labor, technologies, and equipment charges that go into mining procedure collectively heighten the price of diamonds. On the other hand, production of lab-grown diamonds is in the vicinity of a closed laboratory under a suitable catalyst and with controlled temperature and pressure. There is no super expensive equipment required, and thus, the cost of the final product automatically goes down. The quality and features of lab-grown diamonds are very much intact, though.

Lab-grown diamonds are NOT artificial:

This is the most popular myths about lab-grown diamonds. People often misinterpret the term synthetic diamond with artificial diamonds. However, the thing to keep in mind here is that artificial is the term used for something that has properties far from being original.On the other hand, the term synthetic for lab-grown diamonds is used to denote its origin inside the labs above the earth’s crust instead of over millions of years below the earth’s crust. As far as the closeness to originality is concerned, synthetic diamonds from lab-grown diamond manufacturers are comparable to diamonds that occur naturally in every aspect be it to have glaze, hardness or optical angles.

Lab-grown diamonds are friendly to our planet:

You must come across dozens of news on the news channels, social media platforms, and newspapers that our earth is being unstable due to changing climatic conditions. But did you ever think what are we doing so wrong that this is happening to our earth? The biggest reason is mining. Mining involves lengthy procedure requiring going deep into the earth's crust. This process is not friendly for the earth surface and even the environment.

The human laborers that work in mine are also risking their lives working in a place as dangerous as a ticking bomb which can go off any second. To save our earth from this danger, we have taken the responsibility of providing people with the equally beautiful gemstones but with eco-system benefits.As environmentally aware CVD diamond suppliers, we make lab-grown diamonds under controlled laboratory conditions and thus there is no chance of polluting the earth or the environment around us.